Me and my Pets!

Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog! If you came to this page, you probably want to know alittle more about me! Well, for one, I LOVE PETS! Here are some Pictures of my pets......

Rhody and Lucy!

~Rhody is the Orange in white one. She is VERY active and loves to RUN RUN RUN!!!!!!!! Her birthday is November 26
~Lucy is the brown one. Lucy is alittle slower and sleeps alot, BUT SHE IS SOOOOO SWEET! Her birthday is December 19


I've had this fish for while. He always seems sick, BUT HE'S STILL ALIVE!!!!
he amazes me with his abiltiy to stay alive. Quite a few times, I though FOR SURE he was gonna die, BUT HE'S STILL HERE!!!!!!!
Toothless's Birthday is March 28.

 And ME!!!
I Love The Band Perry, Faith Hill, Reba, and Bryan Adams.
I LOVE Tuna fish, (Shhhhh! Don't tell Toothless!) singing, fishing, writing, pets, biking, and drawing.
Please! Feel free to comment on this! I'm afriad I don;t want to give anyone my email, but if you wish to get to know me, COMMENT PLEASE!!!

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