Sunday, July 22, 2012

My My Trip To Chuck.E.Cheese! (and a letter for my MOM!!)

I went to Chuck E cheese for the first time in my life!! I went with my Grandmother, Aunt, and Cousin. It wasn't as fun as I thought is would be, but it wasn't down right boring either. I got 151 tickets and got myself 4 toy spiders!!!
 (Let's see.... whose bed do I put them in? LOL :)
Here a Picture Chuck. E Cheese Drew of me!

PS: Those are sunglasses on the top of my head!
Hi I'm Rachel,
 BTW: This picture here is an older picture of me. I need to get my Mom to take another picture!! And that is what Part 2 of this post is about. If your name is Mom, (Or Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jennymiester, etc.) Continue to Post Part 2. If you name isn't Mom, (Or Jennifer, Jenny, Jen, Jennymiester, etc.) you can still read on and highlight this:  I hope this works! Cross your  fingers!!

Dear Mom,
I love you very much. You've got beautiful green eyes, nice smile, a cute dimple, and an Awesome Camra!  You know what? I'm willing to bet that your Camra is so good, that it would make you more beautifuler (Is that a word?) then what you already are! I mean it would really bring out your blue, I mean, green eyes!! You would look so awesome! So could you maybe get off your lovely computer, go over to the cabnit, get the camra, and give it to me so I can take a picture of you? (I say "I" because you may want me there for a particular reason)
I love you!



  1. Wow that's a really good drawing!!!

  2. Dear Rachel, Sweet daughter of mine, with your adorable big blue eyes and your beautiful smile, Do I really need to get up right now?!?!!?! I JUST SAT DOWN and I've been running around all afternoon!!! I was hoping for just a few minutes to relax! And I love you, too!

  3. Thanks Mom. I geuss I can wait....:)



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