Monday, July 23, 2012

One Direction Day!!

Happy One Direction Day!!
So what type of shirt did you where? I wore this awesome striped green, collared shirt!!! This one I got of the internet. its almost the same. The colors arn't this dark. they are ALITTLE littler.
My sister Hannah wore a blue strped collared shirt, and my sister Rebekah
wore a super girl shirt. What does that have to do with 1D? Well, One the song "One
Thing" By 1D, Harry sings "Shot me out of the sky, Your my Krytonite." Get it? Super Girl?
Jacob Wore a Spider Man shirt. The connection? Also on "One Thing", They all sing "Now I'm climbing the walls" Get it?

Here is the  "One Thing" Video by One Direction,

~ 0:20 Harry sings "Shot me out of the Sky, Your my Krytonite"
~ 1:12: They sing "Now I'm climbing the walls..."

Soooooo.... what do you think Alyianna?
PS: I'm going out with my Mom to get some new fish tonight!!
 I can't wait,!! I'll tell you about it when I post next!



  1. Haha those connections with the Super Girl and Spiderman shirts are awesome! I decided not to wear the shirt I had chosen, but this white tank top with pink/red strips. I say pink/red because the pink is so dark they look red a bit.

    1. Why didn't you wear your shirt you where going to wear?
      It sounded fine to me!!


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