Friday, August 17, 2012

I got some new Aquatic Animals for My Fish Tank!

Notice how I didn't say "fish?" I said "Aquatic Animals."

My Grandmother took me out to Petco and bought me a Frog for my fish tank, and a Fresh- water Shrimp!!
I still don't have any fish, but I do now have a frog and and a shrimp!!

Frog: I named him Weber - Price: Only 2 bucks!
Shrinp: I named him Seymour - Price: 50 cents!!

Talk about cheap!!

I named him the shrimp Seymour after the book series: "Can you see what I see?"
Its kinda like an I spy, but a red and yellow beaded guy is always on every page. The auther,
(Walter Wick) named him Seymour.

This is Seymour

This is what MY Seymour looks like:
PS: This is not actually Seymour. Ghost shrimp are hard to get
pictures of because they are transparent.

As for Weber the Frog? I named him Weber because of his webbed feet. Cute huh?

This is also not a real picture of my frog, but its looks Identical.↓
You Get the point.

They are SOOOO cute!
Wait till I get my new fish!! Thats when it really gets fun!

While we were out, My grandmother picked out a Betta fish for herself!
It looked close to this:
Except he had a red lining on his fins. I named him Big Jake after My grandfathers favorite John Wayne movie!

Hopefully, I'll go out again and get those new fish soon!!!



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