Saturday, August 11, 2012

Me Rambling!!! Plus pictures!

My Mom did take some pictures of me for my blog. but I't sure took awhile because I"m NOT photo genic.
I hate getting my picture taken cuz I tend to look weird! Here are all my trys:
 Finished Product↑

 I look worried!

 Cat looks good, but I don't!

The cat is trying to get away!

Cat's eyes are shut!

Cat is looking down,

Mmmm, I don't know, I just don't like it!

Pepper is looking alittle evil their!
"How dare you point that camra at my face!"

mmmmm.. not bad..but..

I'm alittle TOO overjoyed!

"What? Did you say something?"

I don't think so...

Need I say anything?

What is with the curl? My hair curls when it is humid. that is what what left of my bangs.

Ineccent Pepper, NOT!!!
~This is the Cat who likes to do his buissness in my Mom's flower bed!
~This is the Cat Who did his buissness in my Mom's Garden sooooo much, that she put huge stones in her Flower garden!
~This is the Cat who acts like a dog and always wants his belly rubbed!
~This is the Cat who wouldn't pose for ONE STUPID PICTURE!!!!
I love you Pepper.

Well, I'm done talking about my cat. Now what did you think of the pictures?
I picked the one I liked best, And I wanted one with Pepper in it I like cats and fish, Sence its alittle hard to hold a fish for a picture, The cat had to do! Sorry Toothless, Faith,Terra and "It"!!
BTW: I still didn't get those fish yet. Its been almost two weeks since I set up my fish tank, but still no fish. My Mom is busy. So I"m TRYING to be patient. Which by the way is extremly hard for me cuz I"m VEEERRRYYY Impatient. I have not metioned the fish to her in that 2 weeks time period, So I"m on  a roll!  Most days, I wouldn't stop talking about it! What can I say, I TALK WAY TO MUCH!!
and I'm usually pretty good at being annoying too. I"m out going, I speak my mind, and I can't stand a quiet room!! I usually have SOMETHING to say. I need to learn to shut up. Geuss that's my cross in life. I'm getting better! I mean if I can not mention the fish to my mother in two weeks, that is darn awsome for me! 

Back to the pictures, Do me blue eyes stand out? I think they do. Never been crazy about my blue eyes. I always wanted a beautiful Green...

Do my dimples stand out too? I have two dimples, one on each cheek. I HATE those. They make me look young and cute.... My pudgy cheeks don't help that either!!

OHHhhhh and those braces!!! I hate those braces! I've had them on for 2 years and I still have yet to get them off. Actually, Now I'm getting bottom braces too :(:(:( Somebody shoot me...

Want to compare pictures?

Look! I have braces! 

Still have braces!
So out of date..
Hey! We can't see teeth!!! They're braces there!

Awesome me!!!
OH LOOK! Braces!!

I"m doing it again. I'm talking too much!

I"m shutting up, I"m shutting up.........



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