Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My 7 inch Algea-eater "Jack" Is driving me crazy!!! He is way to big! He keeps knocking all my plants lose in the tank. Also, since he is soooo big, he needs to eat more, so my tank has absolulty no algea in it. He ate it all! but now he is going hungry, So I had to give him some algea wafers, but they don't seem to agree with him. He keeps um....Ahem..pooping, so my tank is full of nice long chunky strands. Its all over the plants and rocks! Gross! I thnk I prefered the algea! Sooooooooooooooo..... My Dad got me some frozen peas. Yes, Algea eater do eat peas, so well see what that does to him. But he still is knocking all me plants lose!!!!!!!!!!! We had him in my grandparent's pond over the summer, but we didn't want him to freeze to death over the winter, so I took him and put him in my 15 gallon tank. But obviously, thats to small as well. Did you know that Algea-eaters can grow as big as 2 feet?!?!?! I"M DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We may end up throwing him into my neighbors HUGE pond and hope he lives. Sadly though, I would probably never see him again. We will see what happens...
This is what he looks like...PS: This is not a real picture of him, I just found one almost identical on the internet.


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