Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Followers!

Hello Followers!!!
:) Sorry I've been a bit slow on my blog! I hope I can make more coloring pages and stuff after school is over in about a week! So be patient, I'll make more!!
I've been getting comments about people asking me to make more coloring pages. Mostly Catholic ones of saints and religious ones. I'll be sure to make plenty of those!!! I've been taking art in school so hopefully my drawings have improved!!! Let me know what you think of them when I post some!
Speaking of saint pictures, do any of you have any requests on what they want me to draw!? I'll do my very best on anything!! Comment and let me know!
Like I said, I'm almost done with school here so I should be able to have a little more time to draw these. Can't wait!
By the way, here some updates on whats new!
~I got my ears pierced (FINALLY!) They are fine so far.
~My mice are still alive!!! In fact, my aunt and uncle just gave me a new playpen for them to play in and my mice LOVE it.
~Toothless is still alive, just sick :(
~It's past Memorial Day but my grandmother's pool is still not opened!!! I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~I still have my stinken braces. I've had them for almost 4 years. We have no clue when they are coming off really.... :(
~Went fishing for the first time this year. Caught 4 fish. 3 largemouth one smallmouth bass. All four of them were like... less than 12 inches..BLEAH!!!! The big boys weren't biting I guess!
Thats about it!!
See you guys around! Remeber! Comment and let me know if you have any coloring page requests!


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