Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New "Ray-Chill's World!!"

The "NEW" Look
I had been thinking for quite awhile  how I wanted to change around my blog. The garden look just was getting a little old. So I turned it into more of a water theme!! I love fish. I have 3 fish right now. Toothless, Terra, and "Little It."

Toothless is a "Blue and White Butterfly Delta Taled Male Beta," (That's a mouthful!) He lives in a one gallon tank all by himself. He has been sick with Fin Rot for the last couple weeks. We have been giving him medication and he has been slowly inproving.

Terra is a....well..... a Terra Fish. She lives in a 5 gallon tank with "Little It." I named her "Terra" for two  reasons:
#1 She is a "Terra Fish"
#2 Because she constantly picks on "Little It" (Making her "Terrible")

"Little It"  I'm not sure what type of fish "Little It" is. I got him from a friend who never mentioned what type he was. "Little It's"  back is alittle mouformed. So he swims alittle crooked. But he is still really cute! The reason I named him "Little It" was because every one would come up and say "IT" is sooooo cute!!" or "What happened to "IT"s back?" so "IT" just stuck.

 I also had an algea eater That was almost 8 inches long! His name was Jack. I named him after Jack Sparrow on "Pirates of the Carribean." Sadly though, He got to big for my 5 gallon tank so my grandparents had to put them in their small garden pond. I sure hope he is happier there!!

Anyway, I decided to change my blog into this water theme. I like it much better. I hope not to change it agian for a very long time!!!

Thanks for stopping in!!


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