Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone!
I've decided I'm gonna branch out a little and do more than just coloring pages. When I first was doing this blog, I kinda thought I HAD to just do coloring pages. Until my mom just said today, "You don't have to stick with coloring pages!!" So I'm branching out. I'm still planning on doing coloring pages, but I also want to do random things like different things about me and such. I also will be putting on FREE printable cards. Like B-day cards, Anniversary cards, and so on. I'll be posting some here soon. Hope you like them. Feel free to give me some ideas for any coloring pages or cards. Sometimes, I'll get so stuck on what to draw that I won't post for months!!! Help is much appreciated!!

I also want to take this time to show you some awesome blogs!!:

~ Scribbles of a Catholic Teen (I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this one!!):  

~ Crafolic ~ Catholic Crafts and More! (This one is my Mom's. She has the COOLest crafts!    With a capital COOL!!):

Our Catholic Life ( What a Beautiful Blog!!!): 

I'll post soon!!!


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  1. Can't wait to see the extra posts! :D I like the idea of more than just colouring pics.

    And thanks for posting my blog! :D


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