Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Abby Has A "Boyfriend!"

My little 5 year old sister Has a made up boyfriend!! I'm not sure why, but she is all into kisses and hugs! So she came up with her own boyfriend!! She said his name is "Drum". Here are the things she said about him:
~He has a Buzz Lightyear Tatoo,
~ He has earings,
~ He can drive a car,
~He can rollerskate,
~He loves Pizza,
~His favorite color is black,

We asked her what "Drum" looked like. She pulled out the picture of One Direction I drew. Then she pointed to ZAYN!!!!!
She said It was Zayn only with Brown Hair!!! This is the picture she pointed too:
I printed out this picture and gave it to her. She colored it, and added a little more:

As you can she, She added a body to Drum. She also drew a picture of herself. that is a cat on the bottom right corner. They must at the play ground because she drew a slide!! I like the matching basket ball uniforms!! Like I said, she drew the bodies!! i just drew Drum's head!!


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