Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Direction ~ Coloring Page ~ Post #3

My  younger sisters wanted to color One Direction Too!! This is the one I did:
Not all that impresive. Lets get this straight, I'm not good at coloring.
Next, Elizabeth. She colored hers to look like mine. But she always does that. Elizabeth thinks that my way is the best way when it comes to my pictures. She she makes it "Perfect."

Hannah did this one. For some reason, She refused to  colorer thier skin. Even when I told her I would be puting her picture one my blog!! Guess she wanted to stand out. Do you like the sun glasses? She did that herself!
Speaking of sunglasses, Abby thought they ALL needed sun glasses. They actually look kind of cute!!
she was a little mad that she had to color 3 boys with brown hair!! She thought they all had to be different!!

And last, but not least, Naomi. As you can see, coloring isn't her strong point either! Rebekah wrote the names of the boys one the picture because she insisted.  I'm sure your wondering why Zayn has "Chichenhead" underneath his picture and Niall has "Blondie" under his.
Well, When we first saw One direction, and we didn't know their names, We gave them names.

~Zayn was Chickenhead (Notice the hair),
~Naill was Blondie (For abvious reasons),
~Liam was "The Guy who sung first on "One Thing"
~Louis was "Happy Guy"
~ And Harry was "The guy with really long and curly hair"

We call most of them by thier real names now, but Chickenhead and Blondie just stuck!!

PS: We figured  out a better way to draw these guys. For this picture, I need to add more texture to theit hair.
Especially Harry's. That will really make them pop! So I'm gonna try again!! I'm having alot of fun with this!!


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  1. I like yours and Hannah's best. And colouring isn't my strong point, either. I always get outside the lines - a LOT.


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