Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I got a NEW Fish!!

  It's another betta. I named her "Faith." I put her into a 1 gallon tank. So know I have...

Toothless in a 1 Gallon tank,
Faith in  another 1 Gallon tank,
And Terra and it are in A 5 Gallon tank,

My mom said she will let me have a 10 Gallon Tank!
So I get MORE FISH!!!!!!!!


I'll put a picture of  Faith on when I Get my  other fish. So I can hit 2 birds with one stone!!

We will hopefully get the 10 Gallon tank this week!
I can't wait!!!!!

Part 2:

My cousin sent me this. Ain't it weird?

Go ahead, count the black dots.


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