Friday, July 27, 2012

I Got my New Fish Tank!!

I Got My New Fish Tank!!
Instead of getting the 10 Gallon tank. I Got a 15 Gallon!
Cool huh? Turns out, the 10 gallon tank was a dollar cheaper than the 15 gallon!
So I got the extra 5 gallons.

Anyway, I'll take this time to show you some of my favorite songs.
Surviver: Eye of the Tiger

Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone

Mr. Mister: Kyrie

Dare: Stan Bush

Haddaway: What is Love

And of course, 1D!

Forever Young:

This one grew on me:

I Wish

I kinda like this one. I should say its definatly interesting.

I  like this one:

I Should've Kissed You:

I Really like this one:
Same Mistakes:
Not bad:
Stand up:
Tell Me a Lie:

Well thats about it for now.
What was your favorite? Comment please!!


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