Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Dad Was having fun!!!

 My Dad is soooooo funny!!! so for fun, I got together a bunch of coloring pages I drew. My Dad then Put some captions to them!!! Please leave a comment and tell me which one you like best. My Dad want to know too!!
1. Touchdown !
2. I'm back!
3. Jesus' love of the Village People was well known.."Y-M-C-A"!

Peg leg dogs CAN play sports.

Snooty cashier: "Madam, I'm sorry but we don't have change for two turtledoves."

My precious.

When rabbits divorce, the craft ideas turn dark, "Ok, kids, now take that (sniff) first heart he gave you and (sniff)...CUT IT TO PIECES!"

While studying right angles, lion had an idea about putting spirals on sticks.

When French Peas from Veggie Tales sleep on their sides, they never know what they'll wake up to.
Riding through string is hard even if you have reaaaaally long legs.

Little did the butterfly know that it was a stripe not landing strip.
Catepillar, "Look a bird! I found a friend! And his mouth is wide open!"
Mary: "Jesus! Show's over! This isn't a Presentation!"
Patriotic elephants use glue to get past the "no opposable thumb" issue.
Wait til I show the other kids my mohawk! Wait...they already got them...
Nightime kick ball games are common for unicorns.

Rock a bye birdie, on the treetop. When mom flaps her wing the nest will fall...
Let's go over this again. When I'm resurrected, I'll raise my hands like this so you'll know it's me...


~Raychill and her Dad~


  1. haha your dad is funny! My favourites are the change for turtledoves and the "My preciousssssss...." hehe ;P

  2. Yah, I thought you would like that one!!

    Thanks for commenting!!


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