Friday, June 29, 2012

More One Direction Favorites!!

Here are two more One Direction songs we are all begining to like (Well.... most of us anyway!)
These two songs arn't as well loved as "One Thing" is, but alot of us like these. My Dad likes "Gotta Be You" and my cousins, my brothers, and I like "What Makes You Beautiful."


I like this one the more I listen to it.

PS: If your a One Direction Fan Like I am, Check out Alyianna's blog:
She has got it covered!!

Which song do you like best?



  1. What Makes You Beautiful was the song that introduced me to it always be special to me. But I think I like Gotta Be You fav. parts are Harry's high notes in the chorus. ;P But who would be surprised about that?

    And thanks again for encouraging people to check out my blog! :D

    1. Yep! Glad you like the post!! I'll post more when I find more!!

  2. YAY! :D I'll try get another 1D post on my blog soon!


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