Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Post!! LOL :)

I made a whole bunch of coloring pages and cards of just Superheros!!!
We can call it a Superhero Party!!
Here are the ones I did:

Super Dad: You can coloring this care all by yourself!!
(PS: Don't you love the way super heros wear their underwear outside of their pants?! LOL)

Super Mom: This is your Super Mom in the daytime. Can you see the city behind her?

Super Mom #2: This is a whole different outfit and it's at night
. I was just having some fun with these!! I Like the night one best.
Which one do you like?
Super Mom #3 Coloring it yourself!! Enjoy!

Here Is a peom I wrote to put into your Super Mom card. My little sister asked me what Super Mom can do, So I wrote a poem about it. Just print it off on a clean sheet of paper 
and glue on the inside of the card. I do not mind if you use it, But please do not take this as your own work. And if you put this on your blog or something else, Please link back to me!!
Thank you! Tell me if you like it!! 

SuperMan!! Well.... not really. It an be whoever you want!!

Same with this super lady...
Nice canons lady!!

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  1. Wow I really like these! You're really good at drawing!


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