Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Like The Fish?

I don't know if anyone noticed, But I put pictures of fish aand sharks over here on  my side bar!→
I love the fish! They really brighted up the blog!!!! My cousin found them for me. Thanks Molly!!
If anybody finds some really awesome pictures of fish, sharks, eels, whales, or anything else, I would love to see them!! Like I said, I LOVE FISH!!!!!!!
and One Direction....and drawing....and writing...and... :)

Ones that I didn't get on the side bars:

OK, I drew this one! You can print it  off as a coloring page!

My Fish Toothless!
(By the way, He is much better. you would have never known he had Fin Rot! He is back to his old HAPPY self!)


  1. YAY! Glad to hear Toothless is all better! I'm seriously thinking of getting some pictures of things (or people) I like on my sidebar...such as One Direction...

  2. I also awarded you over at my blog, Scribbles! :)


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