Thursday, August 30, 2012


Cool Quizzes!
One Direction Quizz  (I got Louis, as usual!)

How Irish Are you? (Not Very)

Do you Need A Diary? (It said "no" for me!)

Which Avenger Are you? (I was Hulk)

What Word Best Describes You? (I was "Achiver")

What Disney Song Fits You Best? (The "Make a Man out of You" Song was Mine)

Cool song I've been listening to...


Check out these GREAT blogs....

Scribbles Of a Catholic Teen :Hey guys, she has got some Cool stuff.
I like how it's very ramdom. While your there, She'll probably remind you multiple times to check out her
OTHER blog. So here, Check it out now and get it over with ;) Here It Is

Life of A Catholic Teen : Awesomeness abounds!!!
If your a Catholic Teen, (Or Just any Catholic) You'll love this Blog, Nick Does a GREAT Job!

Our Catholic Life : Catholic? Here's another cool Blog, keep it up Grace!!!

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STILL Bored?
Go Read a BOOK or something!!!!!
I can't help you!

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