Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Niall!

Facts on Niall Horon!

  • Niall cannot play the piano.

  • He likes girls with brown eyes.

  • Niall didn't take his T-shirt off in the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video because he does not think he is slim enough.
  • His favourite subject in school was geography.

  • Niall didn't do his school exams.

  • He never went to his school prom.

  • Niall had two fish called Tom and Jerry, but they both died because he over fed them!(Of course I thought this was interesting!)

  • Niall is left handed.

  • He talks in his sleep.

  • Niall sings in the shower.

  • He likes to swear a lot, which is why he is normally quiet in interviews.

  • He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter.

  • His favourite animals are giraffes.

  • He has Claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.

  • His hair is naturally brown.

  • ~Chilly~

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