Friday, September 14, 2012

I Got New Fish! (Are you all getting tired of hearing about the fish?)

I got 2 gold fish!!!! Well, let me start from he beginging........
You know how I have top braces? I've had them for over 3 years. Now just today, i went and got the bottom ones put in!!! Pathetic huh? My mouth is killing me, and I can't eat very well. Good news is, I only have to keep the new and old braces on for 6 months!!
Well, after that misfortonate morning, Mom took me out and let me get a couple gold fish! Here are some pictures I found on the internet that look like them:

"Kateri" looks some what like this:

And this is a picture of "Sumoset" that I drew (on the computer). I couldn't find a picture of him!
PS: I spelled "Stripe" wrong.↓
Both of their names are indian. I put them in my empty 5 gallon tank. They look awesome!

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