Monday, October 8, 2012

EASY Biscut Recipe (Let's have some fun!)

Ok, I love to cook and Bake, Here is an EASY biscut recipe that I use. And it is WAY easier than pie!

Here is all you need:

~4-5 cups of flour, 
~1 tsp of baking powder,
~1 Tsp os salt,
~2 cups of H2O (Water) :)
~Half a stick of butter,

Pre-heat oven to 350 Degrees Farienhight.
It works out better if you add the ingrediants in that exact order by the way :)

Mix them all together! Is best then if you really get into it and knead the dough with your hands! (Let me tell you, It gains you finger muscles!)

Now take sections of the dough and roll then into balls about 2 inches round. Then put them on a greased and foiled Jelly roll pan. Stick them in your oven to cook for about 15 to 20 minutes.


 You could Get really fancy and make the biscuts into different shapes!
such as..
~Lady bugs,
~Fish :)
~Or any other shape! Be creative!

You can also use this recipe as a PIZZA CRUST DOUGH!!!!!!
Use the same oven temp. and cook it for 15 minutes. make sure you cook the dough first THEN put on the toppings, and then re-cook.

They are GREAT! You know something else you can do that I do?
I flatten the dough with a rolling pin then use cookie cutters and cut out cookie shapes. They are great for dipping in cream cheese or tomato sause.

You'll love them all!


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